Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to create stories, and through those stories I developed my appreciation for the concept art and illustrations which brought them to life. After evolving into the artist I am today, I’ve realized that I love to bring other people’s stories to life as well, which I’ve learned as an illustrator.

Within my work, I’m constantly exploring different mediums to capture the essence of the stories I’m illustrating. With each new project, I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas in order to break away from things that have been overdone – I want every new creation to be something unique. I’m a big fan of traditional art but I’ve also recently honed my skills in Photoshop, PaintTool SAI and Illustrator. I often find myself mixing media as well, across traditional and digital platforms. Through this exploration, I have developed a strong understanding of design, composition, expression, and color.

As I’m constantly coming up with new ideas, whether it comes to stories, editing, or conceptual design, I’m always eager to share my thoughts and collaborate with others in order to achieve our goals.

Email me at peter@moranideas.com

Help me bring your stories to life.